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Highly Accurate Bending

The automatic Hydraulic Crowning system has this capability to make the change in the curvature matrix and bends long curves without any distortion and error with an accuracy of fewer than 0.1 degrees.

Rotary Axis

The powerful module enables us to design, plan and implement specialized types of round or square section attaches or fittings used in singular or complex structures with different angles, and thicknesses.

Optimized Nesting

For optimum utilization and reduce costs, we can especially nest of all parts and check out the best route and method for cutting procedure with the minimum amount of waste.


Espadan yekta parto is named after "Laserspike", which is any of high-energy pulses observed in the output laser beam before stabilization of the laser power.

The engineering company Laserspike has a complete set of lasers cutting, bending and welding automation.

This complex can handle the process of producing parts completely. The engineering team can design, optimize and consult about engineering projects. The company uses the latest and most modern machines which are made by one of the best Swiss brands (i.e. BYSTRONIC). With CNC bending press Break 2017 and the laser cutting machine 2005, we can operate complex and sensitive cuts and bend.


our services

In Laserspike, a full range of technical and engineering services are offered. These services are such as designing, cutting, precision bending, welding, and other subsidiary services.

tube & profile cutting

non-ferrous metals cutting

sheet metal cutting

Laser cutting of the metal tubes & profiles up to 4 m in length and cutting shapes on these surfaces.

Laser cutting of aluminum up to 12 mm, brass & copper up to 5 mm in thickness and 4 m in length.

Laser cutting of iron and steel sheets up to 10 mm in thickness and 4 m in length.

cnc bending

sheet metal working

Technical Projects

CNC bending with an accuracy of 0.05 mm and 0.1 degrees in the angle of bending.

This service includes designing, cutting, bending, welding and additional on-demand requests.

Design, develop and deploy industrial projects with technical consultation Services.